Breakthrough Digitization Awards

SEFLIN announces “Breakthrough Digitization Awards” for SEFLIN area institutions.
SEFLIN will offer one-time institution-level awards for an approved fixed cost to applicants who exhibit a need for assistance and can successfully demonstrate how Breakthrough awards will assist projects in breaking through to the next level of success. Awards will provide support for four cost categories: equipment or supply purchases, personnel stipends, contractual costs, or “mixed approved costs.” The Breakthrough award period will be from 2/1/2019 – 7/31/2019 and proposed projects must complete Breakthrough-specific tasks within this period.


SEFLIN’S Techno-Mocha weekly walk through of Adobe Education Exchange (AEE) Train the Trainer Program will be held February 6, 2019
2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EST
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Join us for Techno-Mocha this month and learn the basics for Adobe Premiere on Wednesdays at 2:00 p.m. Participation in Techno-Mocha will prepare you for February’s DYDG Face to Face Training with Miami-Dade Public Libraries Oscar Fuentes and Filmmaker Claudio Marcotulli on Pulling off Creative Programming Stunts

Join us and see how to develop a well-executed program with a good paper trail. Learn how assessing the community is a vital part of this process. Working with the existing community infrastructure will aid in building mutually beneficial partnerships leading to long term sustainability and community growth. This interactive training will bring you through the storyboarding process and end with a short video skit; while empowering you with the skill set to bring back to your innovation lab for exploration with your patrons.

February program date and time to be announced later, please contact for more information.

The Glass Room Experience

Have you clicked on “I Agree” one too many times? Not sure who has your data anymore? Does it even matter? The Glass Room Experience is a visual, hands-on exhibit that helps answer these questions. Interactive apps, posters, and displays explore the companies and technologies that collect, store, and profit off our personal data. The Data Detox Bar provides simple steps to retake control of your digital life.

The Glass Room Experience will run from January 7th to February 28th in the SEFLIN Meeting room on the 4th floor of the FAU library.

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