SEFLIN, the Southeast Florida Library Information Network, is a non-profit membership organization of Southeast Florida libraries dedicated to supporting cooperation between all library types in our service area.

The SEFLIN region includes Broward, Martin, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach counties with a service population of just over six million.


Founded in 1984, SEFLIN strives to pioneer innovative services that support library staff and library services. SEFLIN is one of five Multitype Library Cooperatives in Florida. Read more about the history of SEFLIN.

Vision: SEFLIN will be a world-class collaborative guiding dynamic library cooperation to add value for Southeast Florida libraries and their communities.

Mission: The mission of SEFLIN is to cultivate cooperation and coordination among libraries of all types, nurture efficient and effective information resource sharing, advance technological innovation, provide staff development opportunities, and advocate for our libraries and their patrons.

Strategic Plan 2012-2017

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  • Thank you so much for this series of classes. I hope I can do the year-long training

    Supercharging Your Storytimes-Success and Challenges
  • This was a very useful webinar. One of the best one's I have attended

    Leading Meaningful Meetings
  • This was a very eye-opening Webinar for me. Information received will be helpful in my professional and personal life. Thanks.

    Leave Your Stress @ Work
  • Linda Bruno is an amazing presenter. Thank you for offering these trainings!

    Leading Meaningful Meetings
  • I love all of the training available through SEFLIN. Thank you for putting together such wonderful learning opportunities.

    Supercharging Your Storytimes-Community Collaborations
  • It was an excellent training.

    Supercharging Your Storytimes-Community Collaborations
  • One some of the trainings wether they are webinars or self-paced I would like it them to be longer because I always find them so interested that one hour is not enough.

    Supervisor Series: Becoming a Better Listener
  • This class was very well done. Thanks for the recording also!!!!!

    Privacy & Security: the fear, the hype, and what you can do about it
  • This was one of the best presentations and best presenters I have experienced in a webinar.

    Privacy & Security: the fear, the hype, and what you can do about it
  • Excellent work scheduling interesting and helpful workshops. I am a big fan of your offerings and look forward to receiving your emails.

    Supervisor Series; Becoming a Better Listener,
  • You are doing an excellent job with the workshops that you are offering. I look forward to receiving your emails too

    Supervisory Series
  • SEFLIN: thank you for keeping us on our toes!

    Supervisor Series; Becoming a Better Listener.
  • Both the presenter and the workshop were excellent.

    RDA - Moving images, video games, constructing access points
  • it was an amazing presentation; I had the opportunity to gain more knowledge in this area to better serve my institution and employees.

    Supervisor Series; Feedback that Works
  • This was an awesome workshop! Thank you!!

    Beyond the Usual Suspects - Community Engagement
  • I appreciated the opportunity to hear R. David Lankes speak. It was wonderful hearing a speaker of his level. Thank you for offering this program.

    Beyond the Usual Suspects - Community engagement
  • Katherine and Olivia were wonderful presenters and I look forward to using all the ideas I gained from their training at my own library branch.

    FLYP Youth Workshop
  • This training was Great! Great and Quality Presenters!

    FLYP Youth Workshop
  • Wonderful and useful experience! I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to grow professionally through this workshops. Thank you!

    Supercharged Storytime
  • Saroj Ghoting was an amazing presenter. She conveyed a lot of useful information about early childhood research with great enthusiasm and made me feel more excited about presenting storytimes at my library.

    Supercharged Storytime
  • Anyone that has any interaction with children should attend this workshop!

    Supercharging your Story time
  • I am enjoying the Supervisor Series and find it helpful and informative. Thank you for providing this series.

    Supervisor Series; Introvert/Extrovert
  • This workshop changed my life! I implemented everything I could and I've already become so much more effective and productive while also being less stressed! I feel like I'm a completely different person. Thanks so much! I'm a convert/fanatic now!

    Productivity Strategies for Workplace Success
  • Bob has a really good understanding of the topic. I learned a lot and the entire session I was like THIS IS AWESOME!!! Thanks a lot.

    TechTuesday, Augmented Reality?
  • Thank you for offering this wonderful learning opportunity. It was a good review of ECRR

    Early Literacy, Every Child Ready to Read, and Storytimes
  • I really enjoyed this training. It was well presented and I came away with a wealth of knowledge. Thank you

    Early Literacy Training/Every Child Ready to Read
  • This was so interesting! Thank you for offering it and for allowing non-SEFLIN members to participate.

    TechTuesday, Augmented Reality?
  • This was an excellent, highly worthwhile program.

    Early Literacy Training
  • This was a great workshop! I walked away with so many useful tools and ideas I can use right away and in the future.

    Early Literacy, Every Child Ready to Read, and Storytimes
  • Great webinar. Thanks!!

    Metadata for Materials
  • This particular workshop was one of the best I've attended. Especially appreciated the knowledge, experience and presentation style of the speaker.

    Early Literacy, Every Child Ready to Read, and Storytimes
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