Digital Services Overview

SEFLIN is excited to introduce a new branch of services to our members centered around the developing topic of digitization. The goal of this branch of service is to connect SEFLIN member institutions with the expertise, tools, support, and training to ensure the success of libraries through the 21st century. The current focus on digitization aims to ensure access to the unique and vitally important cultural history of the South Florida region through preservation of and expansion of access to collections.

Current projects include support for digitization projects, the building of a regional Digital Directory for collaborative partnerships, and the creation of a Digitization Resource Guide.

Digitization Project Support

Digitization Kit: SEFLIN has built an entry-level digitization kit complete with laptop, scanner, digital camera, copystand, and studio lighting that is available for use by SEFLIN member institutions for small, exploratory, or community digitization activities. The request and borrowing policy for this kit are available here. If your library is interested in borrowing this kit or would like further information about the equipment specs, please contact the Director of Digital Services here.

The SEFLIN Portable Podcasting Kit is comprised of professional, but entry-level, equipment suitable for various types of audio projects. The Portable Podcasting Kit includes a digital voice recorder, XLR microphones, microphone stands, and a laptop preloaded with the audio-editing software Audacity. The Portable Podcasting Kit is available for use by all SEFLIN member institutions looking to explore the possibility of podcasting, recording oral histories, or other audio-related projects. The borrowing policy can be found here. If your library is interested in borrowing the Portable Podcasting Kit, or would like more information about the equipment, please contact the Director of Digital Services

SEFLIN Breakthrough Support Awards: SEFLIN is thrilled to announce that the Breakthrough Digitization Award program is back and now accepting proposals. The Breakthrough Awards are intended to support library digitization efforts that have run into roadblocks due to a financial shortfall. The purpose of these awards is to provide the necessary resources to get a project to the next level or ensure the success of projects just shy of completion. Awards will support projects that aim to create and share significant local digital content. Creativity in proposed projects is welcome, and applications are encouraged to propose novel solutions to their unique situations.

For more information about the Breakthrough Digitization Awards, please download the RFP here. First round applications are due by February 1st, 2018.

If you have any questions about the Breakthrough Awards or any of SEFLIN’s other Digital Services, please contact our Director of Digital Services, Josh Stone.

Digital Directory

The SEFLIN region is rich in digitization expertise and experience, owing to a large number of brilliant professionals working in the area libraries. It is also home to a collection of rich and diverse cultural history materials, some of which are currently inaccessible to the broader public. To leverage our regional expertise and promote access to our rich materials, SEFLIN has created a directory of institutions where digitization expertise is housed, as well as a directory of local historical collections. The goal of this directory is to assist interested parties in finding partnership opportunities – whether for expertise or material! View the Digital Directory here.

Digitization Resource Guide

For those libraries in the SEFLIN region just beginning to contemplate digitization activities, SEFLIN has compiled a guide with best practices and guidelines for most entry-level projects. This guide is being constantly expanded and refined, so if your library would like a special topic covered, just ask! View the Digitization Resource Guide here.